ATTO 3 and Dolphin Service Plan

Electric vehicles are easier to maintain than an ICE vehicle since they have few mechanical and moving parts. Even so, there are a few components that require maintenance from time to time, such as the brake fluid, coolant, filters, tyres and brake pads alongside a full inspection to sure the vehicle is operating as the manufacturer intended to transport you and your family safely. All brands of electric vehicles require servicing; however all electric vehicles are not the same and have different service schedules.

We are offering both a 3 year 60,000km service plan for $799 or alternatively a 6 year 120,000km service plan for $1,966. The inclusions on the 3 year service plan are listed below.

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BYD Service Schedule

3 year 60,000km service plan $799 including GST

Scheduled 3m/5,000km 12m/20,000km 24m/40,000km 36m/60,000km
Item Initial Inspection A B C
Tighten the chassis fixing screws
Check Brake pedal and EPB switch
Brake pads and discs
Check Brake system pipelines & hoses
Guide pin of brake caliper assembly checkup
Check Steering wheel and pull rod
Drive shaft boot checkup
Ball pin and boot checkup
Check front and rear suspension
Check tyres and inflation pressure (incl. TPMS)
Front and rear alignment checkup
Tyre rotation (customer responsibility) Check air pressure and tire condition at least once a month and conduct rotation every 10,000km
Door stop checkup (Apply 0.3-0.8g of grease)
Wheel bearings clearance checkup
Check coolant level in expansion tank
Drive motor anti-freeze replacement Replace every 4 years / 80,000kms
Inspect Brake Fluid level
Brake fluid replacement Replace
Checking of vehicle module fault codes, DTC (cleared after recording)
Check & Tighten power battery tray, guard, crash bar and mounting point
Check powertrain for fluid leakage & impact
Replacement of gear oil in transmission (NT30 transmission) Replace
Check powertrain for fluid leakage & impact
Check High Voltage harness connector for lose or damage
Check High Voltage module appearance, deformation or oil stain checkup and replaced if needed
Check charging connector operation.
Checking of the activated carbon HEPA filter. Replacement at additional cost of $21.85
Checking of headlights, turning lights and cabin lighting
Check the operation of headlight height adjuster leveler
Check for foreign matter at EPS grounding point
Check EPS connector connection
Checking of the appearance of EPS ECU for corrosion
Checking of the connection between EPS ECU and motor for foreign bodies or corrosion* and replace if needed
Checking of the vehicle module for software update (updated if any)
Check High Voltage components for wading marks
Check the lock nut torque of wiper arm
Checking of hood lock and fasteners

You can purchase a 3 year 60,000km service plan for $799, you can either do this online here if you have already received your registration number or if you are placing a new order can select this when ordering your new ATTO 3 or Dolphin.


I don’t do big mileage do I still have to service every year?

Yes, a number of items are impacted by time as well as mileage, for example brake fluid needs to be replaced every 2 years in most brands of cars on the road and this is always time based not mileage based as over time the brake fluid can get water into it.

Electric Vehicle don’t have moving parts so don’t need servicing

This is a myth we see often, and this is completely incorrect. Your BYD has several filters, drive motor antifreeze, gear oil and brake fluid, etc. that still need replacing. Like an ICE vehicle, every brand has different requirements, but all EV vehicles do require some form of servicing.

How does the service plan price compare?

Several ICE vehicles will have one service alone inside 3 years that will be more than $799 at a franchised dealer and comparable Electric vehicles have a similar cost of servicing at a franchised dealership so we believe this is very comparable and what we would expect for an Electric vehicle with lower maintenance requirements than an ICE vehicle.

Can I use this service plan nationally?

Yes your service plan can be used at any BYD franchised dealer across New Zealand.

Is the service plan transferable?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer transferability of the service plan, if you are likely to replace your vehicle inside 4 years we recommend the 3 year service plan

What are the service costs after 3 years?

Every 4 years or 80,000km the drive motor anti-freeze needs replacing, this is in addition to the gear oil and brake fluid change, which is required every 2 years, so every 4 years there will be a more expensive service which will be $595. After this, the service schedule reverts back to the 4-year cycle, so the total cost over the entire cycle of 4 years is $1,394 or $348.50 per year of ownership. This is considerably lower than the cost of a comparable ICE vehicle when looked at over a 4-year cycle.

Alternatively, you can purchase a 6-year/120,000km service plan for $1,966 to have peace of mind on your servicing costs for the next 6 years.

How do I buy a 6 year service plan?

Please email our team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What are the terms and conditions?

Terms and Conditions are available here.

ATTO 3 Service Plan

Purchase a 3 year 60,000km service plan for $799 or a 6 year 60,000km service plan for $1,966.

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